Patrick Nagel: Duran Duran's 'Rio' Artist And That '80s Look

By Jacob Shelton
Palm Springs Life seriegraph by Patrick Nagel. Source: Heritage Auctions

Patrick Nagel's style is instantly recognizable. His cool, seductive graphics, seen in Playboy magazine and on the cover of Duran Duran's Rio album, capture the early '80s. Robert Palmer even brought the Nagel women to life in his video for "Addicted To Love." Nagel's style became so emblematic of a time and a vibe that his work fell out of favor, hard, in the late '80s and '90s. But in the 21st century, when nostalgia for the Miami Vice era came roaring back, Nagel's look has become a fixture on the Internet.

The world first came to learn about Nagel's work through Playboy when he was a regular contributing artist for the magazine in late '70s before evolving his work into a cultural examination of the female body and the way it inspired a generation of young men in the 1980s.