1960s One-Hit Wonders: They Had #1 Singles, Then Poof! Gone

Left: Jeannie C Riley (Photo by GAB Archive/Redferns). Right: Single jacket art for Zager and Evans' 'In The Year 2525.' Source: discogs.com

Remember "Alley-Oop?" How about "Winchester Cathedral" or "Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye?" Many one-hit wonders of the '60s have stood the test of time as true classics; others remain head-scratchers to this day. Do you ever hear the urge to fire up "Mother-In-Law?" And what was up with "Dominique," the French song by The Singing Nun -- how does a song like that get to #1? 

All of these songs went to #1 on the Billboard Hot 100, and none of them had a sequel. Although the artists themselves seemed to fade out of sight, many times their songs lived on; either standing on their own, being associated with movies or by being re-recorded by other artists.