Nostalgic Photos Not Suitable For All Viewers 


Natalie Wood, 1965.

Who doesn’t enjoy a look back from time to time? No matter how modern we become, it is good to remember our past and the people, moments, celebrities, and pop culture that made us who we are today. That’s what you will find in this collection of photos – a mix of celebrities, history, and products from days gone by that will make you nostalgic for simpler times.

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In 1965, when this photo was taken, Natalie Wood was filming a dramatic movie, Inside Daisy Clover. This film was based in Hollywood in 1936. Wood plays a poor tomboy, Daisy Clover, living with her eccentric mother. Daisy is a talented singer and is signed to a five-year contract by Raymond Swan, played by Christopher Plummer. A star on the rise, she has a romantic relationship with a young actor, played by Robert Redford, who turns out to be gay and only using her for a lavender marriage. Distraught by this news and the recent death of her mother, Daisy torches her beach house and simply walks away.