Nostalgic Celebrity Houses That Will Amaze

By | September 26, 2022

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Have you ever wondered where the most beloved stars of Hollywood's golden era called home? Or if they're all that different from where you live? From the era of silent film to stars of the 1970s, these rare vintage photos of expensive celebrity homes will show you just how the other side really lives.

Look closer at these photos and you won't just see outrageous houses and expensive mega mansions, you'll see what your favorite actors and musicians were really like. These snapshots show the places that the most beloved celebrities in the world retired to when they were exhausted of the spotlight. In essence, these homes are extensions of who they really are.

The lifestyles of the rich and famous really are fascinating, but they're just like normal people in many ways. They want a place to call home and a place where they can get some peace and quiet. Look deep and you might see a bit of yourself in these recently uncovered photos...

Humphrey Bogart sits on the balcony of his home

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source: reddit

Bogey always looked cool, and this shot of him hanging out with his wife, actress Mayo Methot, on the balcony of their 1920s home in Los Angeles just proves that point. Referred to as "Sluggy Hollow," the home was purchased in 1936. The couple only lived here for a few years but it was a well known spot in the area.

Unlike many celebrity homes, Sluggy Hollow was more of a party house than a place to get away from it all. The Bogarts hosted all manner of the Hollywood elite almost every day of the week. Sadly, the home was demolished to make way for a condo in the mid 20th century.