Heart's Nancy Wilson: The '70s Rock Vixen, Then And Now

By | January 23, 2018

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Nancy Wilson of Heart in Los Angeles in 1976, and performing on stage in the '70s. Sources: Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images; facebook.com/heart

As the faces of the rock band Heart, Nancy Wilson and her sister Ann were pioneers. Mid-'70s hits like "Crazy On You," "Magic Man," and "Barracuda" made Heart, if not the first hard rock band fronted by women, then the first commercially successful one. Nancy generally shared songwriting duties with her sister and other band members, sang backing vocals and played rhythm guitar. Acclaimed for their solid albums and electric live shows in the '70s, Heart hit it big in the mid-'80s with a pair of #1 singles, the power ballads "These Dreams" and "Alone."

Rock And Roll's Most Famous Sister Act

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Ann and Nancy Wilson. Source: reddit

When Nancy’s sister Ann fell ill in middle school and had a long recuperation facing her, her parents bought her a guitar to help her pass the time. Not long after that guitar appeared in the home, Nancy commandeered it and made it her own instrument; soon becoming very accomplished.

Nancy Wilson first decided that she wanted to be a musician after watching the epic premiere of the Beatles on The Ed Sullivan Show. That was all the inspiration she needed. At that time, most girls fantasized about getting with one of the Beatles. Not Nancy, though… her fantasy was to be one of the Beatles.