Nancy Kovack: Star Trek Siren, Joker Accomplice, and Argonauts' Medea, Then And Now

By Emily Morenz
Left: Nancy Kovack in 'Jason And The Argonauts.' Right: Kovack in a publicity portrait. Sources: IMDB; eBay

Nancy Kovack, famous for her portrayal of Medea in Jason And The Argonauts and TV work including Batman, Star Trek, and Bewitched, was the ultimate dream girl during the 1960s. Although her screen time was usually minimal, her limited appearances, usually centered around sultry scenes, impressed the masses. With her stunning physique, glamorous demeanor, and divine cheekbones, Kovack certainly possessed the “it factor,” as she worked alongside famed icons including The Three Stooges, Elvis Presley, Vincent Price, and Dean Martin. Ironically, she had no desire to ever become a film star, but fate still shot her into fame and fortune.