'My Aim Is True:' Facts And Trivia About Elvis Costello's Debut

Elvis Costello with a Fender Jazzmaster guitar, March 1977. A photoshoot for the cover of his debut album 'My Aim Is True'. (Photo by Estate Of Keith Morris/Redferns/Getty Images)

Elvis Costello's My Aim Is True is among the greatest debut albums in rock history, containing classics including "Alison," "(The Angels Wanna Wear My) Red Shoes" and "Less Than Zero." To this day, it holds up as one of Costello's best, even though it's one of those releases that probably shouldn't even exist. Though he's lumped in with the punk movement, Elvis Costello was fundamentally different: He was married, with a newborn, living in the suburbs and working a day job. Recorded with a borrowed backing band on his sick days, My Aim Is True is proof that anyone can be a rock star -- all it takes is an abundance of talent and determination. 

The glasses were there, so was the Fender Jazzmaster and the attitude, but as he entered the minuscule recording studio on sick days from his day job Declan MacManus had yet to adopt the name that made him famous: Elvis Costello. 1977's My Aim Is True, a 12-song set that clocks in at just 32 minutes, is filled with songs of sexual frustration, romantic frustration, and general youthful anger. By combining punk, vintage rock 'n roll, and whip smart lyrics, Elvis Costello created something totally unique with this landmark album.