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Music GREAT, Bob Seger!

Music | July 2, 2018

Bob Seger On Stage Musician Bob Seger performs, Michigan, July 2, 1977. (Photo by Paul Natkin/Getty Images)

Bob Seger is one of those musicians that has stood the test of time. He has been entertaining audiences with a rich and soulful style of music for over 40 years now. Seger has always been capable of seamlessly blending different genres of music with great success.

Bob Seger is known for his “Motor City rock 'n roll” style.

It probably comes as no surprise that Bob Seger is known for “marrying” different musical styles including country, soul and blues. The end result of this marriage of music is Seger’s trademark brand; that brand being Motor City rock ‘n roll.  

Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band.

Seger didn’t do it alone, though, over the years, band names and members have changed. The one constant in the equation, however, is Seger, himself.

Seger’s talent has earned him the ever-coveted Grammy Award.

Musicians are well known for having a passion for their art. Seger definitely falls into that same category. His unpretentious passion has served him well throughout his long career. He never strayed from his true passion and mission, which was to be the best of the best. Bob Seger was determined to bring the world rock and roll, just the way he saw it. Ultimately, he was nominated 7 times for a Grammy Award and actually won one of those nominations which is a highly distinctive designation.

Being inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and the Songwriters Hall of Fame were two other of Bob Seger’s major accomplishments.  

Bob Seger has sold 50 million albums to date; 13 of which were platinum.

Beautiful Loser, Live Bullet, Night Moves, Stranger in Town, Against the Wind and Nine Tonight are among Seger’s most successful albums. These albums, just like all the others, tell stories about the average person struggling with average life issues. The mark he was aiming for was to relate to listeners on a personal level. He himself started out as just an ordinary person navigating his way through this life. 

Seger, himself started out as just an ordinary person navigating his way through this life. He never forgot his roots and drew on many personal experiences when composing his songs and music. The music great started out as a young guy from Michigan. He was a self-made man and worked hard to get where he is. 

Seger’s music was never meant to follow the lead of any era, fad or specific style. He simply had the music in his soul and knew he had to share it with the world. His talent and impressive artistry have been entertaining listeners for years.  His song lyrics are just as soulful as the music written to go with them. The lyrics tell the story and the music sets the mood. One without the other just wouldn’t be the same.  

Bob Seger’s music emerged in the groovy era and has been around ever since.

Fans who listened to Seger in the '60s and '70s are still listening to him today. There is a classic, mellow and easy way about all of his songs. For that reason, people who weren’t even born at the height of his career are still discovering that awesome music today. Seger continues to draw in audiences with his honest, and sometimes deep, music style.

I remember in the '80s hearing that Bob Seger was planning his last tour and I just knew it couldn’t be true! Bob Seger’s presence in the music world has been invaluable and he is sure to leave a legacy of being at the heart of rock and roll.

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