Historical Photos We Had No Idea Existed


A quiet moment with Marilyn Monroe, 1950s.

When it comes to juicy gossip, few subjects offer the breadth of material like celebrities. Rich, famous, and the envy of many, celebrities live in a world most of us only dream about. Also, either thanks to wildly disparate lives or perhaps because of them, celebrities tend to find themselves in the craziest situations imaginable. However, the public lives of these illustrious luminaries often contrast greatly with their private moments away from the limelight. So here’s a snapshot of rare behind-the-scenes photos of some of Hollywood’s heavyweights.

Source: Reddit

Most pictures featuring the original Blonde Bombshell portray her wild and crazy life. This photo showed a rare moment of calm in the life of Monroe. Ironically, the woman born Norma Jean Baker actually preferred “Jean Adair” for her stage name. However, Monroe came from her mother’s maiden name and she ended up with Marilyn, thanks to a studio executive who thought she looked like Marilyn Miller.