Motley Crue Backstage Secrets Hidden from the Audience


Motley Crue, known for their wild behavior and endless partying, were the ultimate bad boys of rock

Often credited with originating the glam metal genre, an upbeat mix of pop, hard rock and heavy metal, Motley Crue burst onto the LA club scene in 1981. Cultivating a rocker persona of hard drinking, heavy drug use, indiscriminate sex, and generally outrageous behavior, they quickly took America by storm. Their fame was built on their notoriety, and Motley Crue did everything they could to deliberately fuel that notoriety. Within a few short years, they reached the height of their fame as international superstars, the ultimate personification of hardcore hair metal rock. 
Source: getty images
Loud, belligerent and in your face, Motley Crue made no effort to hide even the worst of their antics from their fans, especially the original lineup of Nikki Sixx, Tommy Lee, Vince Neil and Mick Mars. Very little about the band remained hidden, with reports of depraved hedonism and shocking backstage behavior following them everywhere they went. Still, there were times when Motley Crue managed to keep huge secrets hidden from their fans for years. From studio scandals to hidden lawsuits, read on to find out more about the biggest backstage secrets Motley Crue kept hidden from the fans.