Morganna "The Kissing Bandit"

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Morganna Roberts love of baseball started when her grandfather took her to see a game in Louisville, her birthplace, and she was so connected to the sport that she even met her future husband, Bill Cottrell at a World Series game when she was only 22. She had a rather inauspicious start, as she was disowned as a baby and raised by her grandmother for six years. She was sent to Mount Mercy Catholic Boarding School, where she stayed until 13, when she ran away to Baltimore. Too young to work, she lived on the street. However, when she saw an ad in the window of the Flamingo Club advertising for a "Cigarette Girl or Camera Girl. Must be 18,” she applied, telling the owner she was 18. He decided to hire her as an exotic dancer, which she agreed to, having no idea what the term meant. During her first performance, the audience shouted, “Take it off,” and she began to cry so the manager had to lead her off the stage. However, she got used to it and by 17, was a successful exotic dancer. She combined stripping and comedy, and she wore two 10-gallon cowboy hats on her chest. She also impersonated Gene Shalit, the film critic.