Suzy ChapStick: Olympic Skier Suzy Chaffee Sold Us On Fitness

Suzy Chaffee endorsing Chapstick lip balm. Source: Twitter

Few products and pitch-persons were a better fit than Suzy Chaffee and ChapStick lip balm. Chaffee, an Olympic skier and fitness celebrity, was photogenic and loved by the public, and ChapStick was just what a girl needed to keep her lips looking their best on the slopes. Suzy Chaffee became known as Suzy Chapstick -- but that's just one part of her story.

Chaffee is credited with starting the 1970s fitness craze, helping pass Title IX legislation, and inventing a new sport. In her spare time, she acted, modeled, and designed skiwear. A tireless champion for women in sports, Suzy Chaffee worked alongside U.S. Presidents, business tycoons, and famous entertainers to get the word out about the benefits of sports.