Memorable Nuggets From 1961

By Penny Chavers

Harpo Marx surprising someone on the comedy television show 'Candid Camera', May 1961. (Photo by CBS Photo Archive/Getty Images)
Some of the highlights from 1961 brought us some hilarious television shows like Candid Camera, commercials with catchy phrases, laws that were passed to hopefully improve our economy, and, of course, entertainment like the Beach Boys.

Candid Camera became really popular in 1961 with some of the funniest episodes to tickle your funny bone. With a hidden camera, unsuspecting victims, not knowing they were being filmed would respond to some of Alan Font’s tricks in the most hysterical ways because of the crazy antics he would come up with, for example, a car without a motor. A helpless woman “drives” into a station and needs help with her car but when the man looks under the hood, there is no motor. She wants him to start the car but he tells her he can’t because there is no motor. She plays dumb until the end of the segment where they reveal that the man is on candid camera. The reactions are priceless before and after they find out they are being filmed. 

Pictured here is another episode with the hilariously funny Harpo Marx, who is always ready to create a good laugh anyway, inside of a coke vending machine interacting with people attempting to purchase a coke. Even today, practical jokers do the same thing with their cell phones to catch people off guard for kicks.