1966: Masters And Johnson Ask, 'Are You Doing It Wrong?'

By Justin Levine
Dr. William H. Masters (right) and Mrs. Virginia E. Johnson, co-authors of 'Human Sexual Response,' in their office, circa 1970. Source: Getty Images / Bettmann

You may have heard of the sex researchers Masters and Johnson, known from a 2013 Showtime series as the Masters of Sex. Amazingly, the findings they published in 1966 still feel scandalous, even now. Even though their research helped initiate more candid dialogue about sex, their most important discovery was that women could attain multiple climaxes, something that researchers and scientists had never thought about before.

How did Masters and Johnson, authors of the 1966 bombshell study Human Sexual Response, get down to the science of getting down? Who were they experimenting on? And what else did these two scientists discover? We’ve got the answers to all those questions and more right here.