The Original 'MASH:' Cast List Of The 1970 Movie

Left: Donald Sutherland. Right: Elliott Gould and Ben Davidson. Source: (
Before MASH became a television show, it was first a film directed by Robert Altman with a remarkable cast. The list of actors begins with Elliott Gould and Donald Sutherland and includes Robert Duvall, Sally Kellerman, and Tom Skerritt. The story, actually a string of vignettes, was adapted from the novel of the same name by Richard Hooker, and the screenplay, written by Ring Lardner Jr., won an Academy Award. The black comedy, set during the Korean War in the 4077th Mobile Army, went on to become a television series and most of the actors followed their own paths, with only one of them deciding to make the transition with the show from the big to the small screen.