Marianne Faithfull: Singer, Actress, Writer, And Survivor

By | December 31, 2021

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Marianne Faithfull photographed by Giancarlo Botti In Paris, France, in March 1966. Source: (Flashbak).

Marianne Faithfull seems to have escaped calamity many times throughout her life. She struggled with addiction and anorexia, fought breast cancer, hepatitis C, and Covid-19, from which she has developed lung and memory problems. Despite all of this, she has continued to perform, staging several comebacks over the course of her career.

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Source: (Pinterest).

She Got Her Start In Coffeehouses

In 1964, when she was only 17, Marianne Faithfull catapulted to stardom with her song “As Tears Go By.” She had been singing in coffeehouses and made her way into the social scene in London, where she met the Rolling Stones. Her career really started after she attended a Rolling Stones party and was discovered by Andrew Loog Oldham. In 1965, she released her debut album, Marianne Faithfull, along with her album Come My Way. She found commercial success with her albums, and several others followed on Decca Records. On May 6, 1965, she married John Dunbar and gave birth to their son Nicholas on November 10. Shortly after this, she left her husband and began a relationship with Mick Jagger, and became tabloid fodder. She made headlines in 1967 after a drug bust at Keith Richards' home because she was wearing nothing but a fur rug.