15 WTF Maidenform Bra Ads And What They Mean

Source: Pinterest

The conical jut of Maidenform bras may no longer be in style, but the Maidenform bra ad will always be iconic. "I dreamed I _____ in my Maidenform bra" was the template of the advertisements; fill in the blank with something empowering, or exciting, or just plain bizarre. (Not that women pursuing career ambitions sans blouse isn't bizarre too.) The message, at its best, was an empowering one, although empowerment in the '50s and '60s was a relative term. Sometimes the Maidenform inspired its wearers to have adventures, other times the "dream" was frivolous, if not silly.

The ads are surreal, and they range from fanciful to offensive, but their messaging is all on target. They want women to know how great life can be in one of their very pointy and semi-cushioned bras. None of these promotions have aged well, but they’re fascinating to look at, and even more interesting to try and understand.