Magnum PI: Have Stache And Hawaiian Shirt, Will Investigate

The unforgettable Ferrari that was almost a porsche. (cnet)

Magnum P.I. became one of the highest-ranking and most beloved television shows, thanks to Tom Selleck, Hawaii, and a great car. For eight years starting in 1980, Selleck and his iconic red Ferrari 308 GTS delivered the picturesque views of Hawaii to the delight of millions. Besides the tropical paradise, the strapping 6’4’’ Selleck with his majestic mustache also enraptured viewers of all genders. As with many classic television shows, the production owed much of its success not only to the Selleck eye-candy factor but also his input on the character. Without him, Magnum would have more closely resembled James Bond. Here are all things Magnum P.I.