Mackenzie Phillips Had A 10-Year Intimate Relationship With Her Dad

By | November 9, 2019

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Actress Mackenzie Phillips poses for a portrait session at home holding a bumper sticker that reads "One Day At A Time" on December 3, 1976 in LA, California. Source: (Photo by Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images)

To everyone watching Mackenzie Phillips throughout the ‘70s and ’80s it seemed like she had it all. She appeared in American Graffiti and starred in the hit sitcom One Day At A Time, not to mention the fact that she was singing in The New Mamas and The Papas with her father John Phillips. Regardless of how well her career was going, she was harboring dark secrets in her personal life. Not only was she heavily addicted to drugs, but she claims that she was in a decade long incestuous relationship with her father. 

Their First Dalliance Occurred On The Night Before Her Wedding

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In 1979 the 19-year-old Phillips was set to marry Jeff Sessler, a member of the Rolling Stones’ entourage, but Phillips told Larry King that no one wanted that to happen. She says that her father, John, showed up at her hotel on the night before her wedding intent on stopping the union and that what followed is one of the bleakest and horrific things that can happen to someone.

In her memoir, High on Arrival, Phillips claims that she and her father got high and that she blacked out. When she came to she woke up with her father on top of her, mid-coitus. Phillips felt powerless and later told Larry King that she blacked out a minute or so later. When she woke up she didn’t speak to her father about the situation for months.