Lola Falana: From Sammy Davis Jr. Protegee To Queen Of Las Vegas

By Jacob Shelton
Left: Publicity photo of Lola Falana circa 1970. Right: Lola Falana portrait from CBS-TV. Source: Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images; Wikimedia Commons

Lola Falana burst onto the scene in her early 20s with the help of the Rat Pack’s Sammy Davis Jr. Falana could sing, dance, and act, and she made sure to make the most of her abilities by appearing onstage and onscreen as much as possible. Even though she was mired in controversy at the end of the ‘60s she didn’t let that keep her from becoming the "Queen of Las Vegas" by 1980.

Falana’s story is one of dedication and hope working in conjunction with a little bit of good luck. She’s one of those stars that would have been famous no matter the era, but she just so happened to come around in the glamorous and groovy ‘60s.