Junk Food Junkie: Larry Groce's Lyrics Of Twinkie, Ding-Dong Addiction

By | January 22, 2018

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Larry Groce's album cover art, with a Ding Dong (strictly speaking, a Ring Ding), which is what might do his narrator in. Sources: discogs, wikipedia

With "Junk Food Junkie," songwriter Larry Groce took on the holier-than-thou health-food movement of the '70s. His song told the tale of a man living a double life -- by day, he was into all-natural, organic, unsweetened, everything-free, plain-jane healthy food. But at night, he indulged his addiction to junk food, including Twinkies, potato chips, Dr. Pepper, and more.

"Junk Food Junkie" isn't the best song ever written, but it struck a nerve. That's what has to happen for a total novelty song to get into the top 10 on the Billboard Chart.

Larry Groce Was Inspired By Playing Gigs In Health-Food Coffee Shops

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Larry Groce has not exactly been a well-recognized, household name. That is not to say, however, that he has nothing to offer. Groce is a singer/songwriter and radio host who has enjoyed modest success throughout his career. One of his gigs was as a performer at a coffeehouse that served healthy, organic food. This proved very profitable for Groce as his insight ultimately led to his 15 minutes of fame.