Julie Newmar: Young Catwoman And Celebrity Inventor (Lingerie), Then And Now

Julie Newmar as Catwoman bites on her glove from a publicity photo of the TV series 'Batman,' that ran from 1966-1968. Color slide. Source: Getty Images / Bettmann / Contributor

There's no forgetting Julie Newmar -- whether you know her as Catwoman from the Batman TV series or from one of her standout appearances throughout the ‘60s (we know you’re out there Trekkies). She struts, she stretches, she invents, and now she invests. Hers has been a career of twists and turns. When one thing gets to be old hat she changes up her whole job description - be it a switch from dancing to acting, or acting to designing. Newmar’s life is deeply rooted in her work. Even if every decade of her life is dedicated to some new pursuit it is very much about taking care of business.