Joyce DeWitt, Jack Tripper's Other 'Three's Company' Roommate, Then And Now

By | October 12, 2020

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THREE'S COMPANY - "Chrissy's Cousin" - Airdate: December 16, 1980. (Photo by Walt Disney Television via Getty Images Photo Archives/Walt Disney Television via Getty Images)JOHN RITTER;JOYCE DEWITT

Joyce DeWitt is best-known for her role as the responsible, smart, and easy-going Janet Wood of the popular series Three’s Company. Although her character was overshadowed by the blonde, wackier Chrissy Snow (played by Suzanne Somers), DeWitt deserves more recognition for her unique beauty and her character’s intelligence, making her seem like the roommate regular people would probably enjoy hanging out with more.  

DeWitt Began Acting As A Teenager

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DeWitt began her acting career at the young age of thirteen in Speedway, Indiana when she found a passion for theater. Before television, she worked in numerous plays both as an actress and a director, including Moliere’s "Tartuffe," Shakespeare’s "Macbeth," and Euripides’ "Medea."  She majored in theater, although it was tough to convince her father to allow it, at Ball State University and then moved to California to earn her master’s degree at UCLA in 1974. Breaking into TV acting was difficult, so she worked her a day job as a legal secretary while going to auditions, and eventually found success with ABC. ABC gave her a choice for two different comedy pilots, and after hastily reading both scripts she chose to star in Three’s Company. DeWitt chose wisely as the other show was never even sold.