Journey Back in Time with These Rarely Seen Photos from History

By Sarah Norman | August 3, 2023

Shelley Duvall and Ringo Starr in 1978, they were in a relationship until 1979.

This mesmerizing collection of images offers a glimpse into a bygone era filled with iconic moments and unforgettable figures. From candid shots of celebrities to rare glimpses of everyday life, these photos will transport you to a time when bell-bottoms, flower power, and disco were all the rage. But be warned, the following images may show you a side of history you never knew existed. So, buckle up and get ready for a journey through time that you won't soon forget.

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In 1978, Shelley Duvall and Ringo Starr were the ultimate power couple. After meeting on the set of 'Ringo', a television special starring the Beatles drummer, they quickly fell in love. Their short-lived relationship was filled with laughter, joy, and plenty of music as they traveled around the world together. While their romance only lasted until 1979, it left an indelible mark on both of them - Shelley went on to star in some of the most iconic films of the 1980s while Ringo continued to make music that has become timeless. Together, they created a beautiful moment in time that will never be forgotten.

Someone loved the color purple. Frank Zappa at home with his parents in 1971.

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In 1971, Frank Zappa was at home with his parents and he loved the color purple. He was a fan of its vibrancy and energy, often wearing it in his clothing and decorating his room with it. As a kid growing up in Baltimore, Maryland, he had an affinity for this bold hue that made him stand out from his peers. To honor his memory, fans have adopted the color as part of their own wardrobe and style to celebrate the legendary musician's life. From concert t-shirts to hats, you can find people proudly sporting something purple as a tribute to one of rock music's most influential artists.