'Broadway' Joe Namath: Super Bowl Champ And Multi-Media Star

By Rebeka Knott
Left: Joe Namath and Farrah Fawcett filming a commercial for Farrah Fawcett Shampoo in 1981. Right: Namath on the cover of Sports Illustrated. Sources: Robin Platzer/The LIFE Images Collection/Getty Images; eBay

In his playing days for the New York Jets, Joe Namath was one of the most popular football players of all time -- because he wasn't just a football player. A champion on both the college and professional level, Namath was also known as "Broadway Joe" for his persona as a man about town in New York City. 

Joe Namath was noted for his style and charisma; his appeal led to a movie career, a TV show of his own, advertisements, a clothing line and various dining and drinking establishments. Today, pro athletes are brands, and we expect them to diversify with business ventures and media plays. Joe Namath invented the true entrepreneurial celebrity athlete -- and nobody's done it any better since.