Joanna Lumley: Swinging '60s Bond Girl Who Played Ab-Fab's Patsy

Left: Joanna Lumley, the 'Bond' girl and star of the TV series 'The Avengers' as Purdy beside an anti-war poster icirca 1965 Right: Lumley as Patsy on 'Absolutely Fabulous.' Sources: Keystone/Getty Images; IMDB

Being a Bond Girl, which Joanna Lumley was, is a nice thing for the tombstone, but when Absolutely Fabulous came calling Lumley, a model and veteran  of the '60s institution The Avengers, took her career to a whole new level. On AbFab, which began its long run on British TV in the early '90s, Lumley played a boozy aging model who'd had a hell of a time in the '60s. As a famed beauty of Swinging London and On Her Majesty's Secret Service, Lumley might have had just a smidgen of lived experience to draw upon in her role as Patsy on Absolutely Fabulous.