Joanna Cameron: Mighty Isis, TV's First Super Lady, Then And Now

By Cyn Felthousen-Post

In the mid-'70s, the superhero Isis, played by Joanna Cameron, blazed the trail for super-powered TV heroines. The September 1975 debut of Isis on the show bearing her name (later renamed The Secrets of Isis) preceded both Wonder Woman and The Bionic Woman. Isis was a half-hour Saturday morning kids' show (rather than an hour-long prime-time drama), but that just meant it was bringing the girl-power message to a younger audience.

Isis was a companion show to Shazam, which featured the adventures of the well-known DC Comics superhero Captain Marvel. The character of Isis, though, did not come from a comic book, but her popularity changed that. A year after Cameron introduced us to the character in the series premiere, Isis entered the DC universe with an appearance in the September/October 1976 issue of Shazam! Though the show is long gone (it lasted just two seasons, for 22 episodes in total), Isis remains a DC Comics character.