Jamie Lee Curtis: Beauty AND Talent!

Icons | December 19, 2017

Jamie Lee Curtis is a well-known American actress; so much so that she is probably a household name. She is the child of famous actors, Tony Curtis and Janet Leigh, so it should come as no surprise. Like her parents, she has enjoyed major celebrity success; much of it being on the big screen.  

Being the child of such epic talent, Jamie Lee Curtis was introduced to acting very early on. Although she was a natural, it wasn’t originally what she dreamed of. She may not have known what a big deal her parents were, but the rest of the world did. Although she went to prominent, private schools, she behaved much the same as many kids her age did. Curtis was known to enjoy hanging out with her friends. Cheer-leading was her sport and I’m sure with those long legs she was quite good at it!

Curtis was determined to carry on with her education after high school. After the first semester of college, though, she was talked into auditioning for a role as Nancy Drew. She didn’t get the part but apparently caught the acting bug because shortly after that, she left school to pursue an acting career.

Early on, Jamie Lee Curtis landed some acting roles, but her career really took off after she was cast in the classic horror movie, Halloween, in 1978. The horror flick ended up being more popular than expected and she was quickly cast in other similar movies including Prom Night, The Fog, Halloween II and subsequent Halloween movies.

Much like her mother, who was the beautiful blond killed in the famous shower scene in Psycho, Curtis was great at playing the victim. After many starring roles in similar films, she became known as the “Scream Queen”. She has always been very theatrically inclined and her talent never disappointed audiences. She could be serious, funny, dramatic… whatever got the job done. The fact that she was always easy on the eyes was a bonus!

Being comfortable in front of the camera, coupled with the talent she inherited from her parents, Curtis was good in whatever role she played. After breaking into the acting world and proving herself, she was cast in comedies as well. If you remember, she starred in Trading Places alongside Eddie Murphy and Dan Akroyd in 1983 and A Fish Called Wanda opposite Kevin Kline in 1988 as well as several other films. A sitcom would also be in her future and she earned a Golden Globe Award for her role in Anything But Love.  

Curtis was also known for being a critically acclaimed author of children’s books; drawing inspiration from her own children. She is among the select few that have appealed to both readers and critics.

Starting out, Curtis was best known for being the child of established celebrities. She closely resembles her mother but definitely has the best physical attributes from both of her parents. At one point, she was quoted as saying:

I’ve always said that I have the longest middle name. There goes Jamie Janet-Leigh-and Tony-Curtis’s-daughter Curtis.

As time passed, Jamie Lee Curtis succeeded on her own merits and accomplishments. Her parents may have given her the start she needed but the fact remains that she made her own way!

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