The Other Singing Jacksons: Where Are They Now?

By | April 8, 2019

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1978: Janet Jackson (C) with her brothers (L-R) Marlon, Michael, Tito, Randy, and Jackie Jackson of The Jacksons pose during a publicity photo shoot at Jackie Jackson's home on August 17, 1978 in Westlake Village, California. Source: (Photo by Gregg Cobar

In the late ‘60s and early ‘70s, the nine siblings of the Jackson family -- in their Jackson 5 incarnation and as solo artists -- were some of the most popular musicians on the planet. Janet Jackson has been a chart-topping artist, and others had some moments on their own but generally never attained the stardom they'd seen as The Jackson 5 -- later known as, simply, The Jacksons. Since the dissolution of The Jacksons in the late ‘80s, long after their popularity waned, members of the group went their separate ways. Some of the Jacksons continued to record and perform with one another, one Jackson cut ties with the family altogether, and a couple of them managed to start successful careers outside of the music industry. 

The most successful sibling, the late Michael Jackson, achieved worldwide fame and was dubbed the King of Pop -- but his legacy is in jeopardy due to revelations that he was a sexual predator.

The Jacksons will always be an integral part of the landscape of 20th century American pop. They didn’t have the most normal childhood, due to celebrity as well as alleged abuse from patriarch Joe Jackson. But each of them managed to have a fascinating life in their own way. 

Janet Jackson Became A Huge Star

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The baby of the family, Janet Jackson is the most prominent and successful member of the “other” Jacksons. She has been a full-fledged musical phenomenon since her 1982 eponymous debut. Control (1986) was a big album, with five top-5 singles, and the follow-up, 1989's Janet Jackson's Rhythm Nation 1814 that cemented her status as a bonafide star. Rhythm Nation remains the only album in history to contain singles that topped the chart in three different calendar years, and the only that boasts seven top-5 singles. Throughout the ‘90s Jackson enjoyed a success unparalleled by her siblings, apart from Michael. She also had the most significant acting career of the Jacksons, gaining recognition as Penny on the '70s sitcom Good Times and Charlene on Diff'rent Strokes in the '80s. She returned to acting in 1993 with her film debut as the lead in Poetic Justice.

Following the calamity that was the Super Bowl XXXVIII half time controversy in 2003, Jackson was essentially blacklisted from the industry, but in 2007 she appeared in Tyler Perry’s Why Did I Get Married and its sequel a few years later. Forbes has listed Jackson as one of the most successful female performers of all time, with a wealth hovering just around $150 million.