The Iron Sheik: The Greatest Heel In Wrestling History (His Life Story)

By | March 5, 2020

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Listen up, Jabroni! The Iron Sheik is one of the great heels in professional wrestling, projecting an arrogant ring persona and riding opponents into submission with his signature hold, the Camel Clutch. The life story of the Iron Sheik really does begin in Iran, and he was an elite Olympic-level wrestler before embarking in the more showbiz-style professional wrestling that made him famous. 

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The Iron Sheik, one of the all-time wrestling heels (tmz)

Most people don’t know who Hossein Khosrow Ali Vaziri is, but if you ask them about The Iron Sheik, chances are that name will ring a bell. A native of Damghan, Iran, the eventual six-foot 250-pound man child knew his calling from an early age. As a boy, he traveled to a mosque an hour and a half away to pray to Allah to help him wrestle in the 90 KG or 200 pounds weight division.

He even tattooed 90 on his body. Eventually, he became a staple of professional wrestling in the WWE but his road to America and TV wrestling was a fascinating one, to say the least.