If You Were Born In The GROOVY Era Then You Will Remember…

By | November 1, 2018

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Diverse First Grade Classroom ST. LOUIS-03/17/67- A junior United Nations is present in the classes of Frazier School, Brentwood, Mo. where seventeen countries are represented.

Throughout the years, people who are born between certain eras in time are grouped together into a singular demographic. If you are reading this article, chances are you are either a member of the baby boomer generation or Generation X, also known as Gen X. This era in time has also been referred to as a “Youthquake!”

Gen X’ers were typically born between the early to mid-60's to the early '80s.

If you fall into the demographic of Generation X, you were born during a period of many societal and cultural changes in the United States. Some were good and others, not so good. The fact remains, though, that if you are a member of Generation X, you must surely have a vivid memory of a groovy era past.

Check out some of these memorable and key Gen X concepts and events below.

  • Many Gen X’ers were latchkey kids. Latchkey was the term used to describe kids who typically looked out for themselves a good bit due to their parents being divorced or mothers going back to work. The options for childcare was typically grandparents, neighbors or nothing at all. It wasn’t unusual to see a child wearing a key on a string or chain around their neck.
  • Ray Charles was an iconic musician that we all idolized.
  • AQUANET was a girl’s BEST friend!

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Twiggy was an icon to Gen X’ers. Young girls practically starved themselves to be as skinny as she was.

  • The Munster’s and The Addams Family TV shows were very popular!