'I Love Lucy's Original Opening Credits Showed Lucy & Ricky Climbing A Box Of Cigarettes

Dancer/actress Lucille Ball posing in strapless black lace evening dress, holding lit cigarette on couch. (Photo by John Florea/The LIFE Picture Collection via Getty Images)

If you grew up watching I Love Lucy in reruns then there’s a piece of the show that you’ve never seen. Most fans of the show are used to the Valentine Heart opening of the show, but the I Love Lucy original opening credits sequence was actually changed when the series went into syndication. The original sponsor of the show was Philip Morris - the tobacco giant - and anyone watching the original broadcast of the episodes had a completely different experience than anyone watching it on TV Land. Why change the introduction? And more importantly, why have a huge ad for smoking at the top of I Love Lucy? Short answer: the early days of television were wild.