I Dream of Jeannie – Didn’t Every Man?

By Rebeka Knott

Jeannie (Barbara Eden), a Genie, was the Lady in the Bottle that every man dreamed of. Although, for fictional, handsome astronaut, Captain Tony Nelson (Larry Hagman), she was no dream. She was a real-life fantasy!

He stumbled upon an ornate, sealed bottle that had washed up on the beach where he was stranded and began rubbing it to clean it up. That was all it took for Jeannie, a genie, to emerge from the bottle in a cloud of smoke to meet the person who had rescued her; her new master.

When Tony finally realized that Jeannie could make his wishes come true, he made another wish; for a rescue helicopter, which promptly appeared to take him home and he was saved.

Jeannie, being in love with her master, devoted her existence to pleasing Tony and do only what she felt was in his best interest but often caused near catastrophes for her master, both personally and professionally.

In the end, Tony finally relented and stopped fighting his feelings of affection for Jeannie and they were ultimately married.