How The Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders Became America's Sweethearts In The '70s

By | June 20, 2021

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The Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders changes sports forever. (Daughters of the Sexual Revolution)

America’s team, the Dallas Cowboys, evoke either endless adoration or complete disdain with very little in between. Like the New York Yankees and the Los Angeles Lakers, the Cowboys attract fans from all over the nation, not just in their home cities. One of the many reasons the Cowboys lure such legions of fans started in 1970 when the team created the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders (DCC). These leggy beauties became the first cheer squad to bring some serious eye candy to go with your game of gridiron. These inaugural Cowboy cheerleaders changed sports forever and opened the eyes of many to provocation in sports along with the dark downside of mixing powerful men and scantily clad bombshells.

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The DCC became minor celebrities in their own right. (Getty Images)

A Hint Of Sex With Your Sports?

When the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders first hit the national stage of “Monday Night Football,” men lost their collective minds. Of course, many other groups also loudly lamented the decision. It’s worth remembering that in the ‘70s, mainstream examples of sexuality were few and far between. Suddenly, seeing these drop-dead gorgeous women dancing about in crop tops, white shorts, and knee-high cowboy boots essentially ranked as the moon landing for sexy women in sports.