Home Trends in the 1970s

By Kellar Ellsworth
We've come a long, long way since the '70s. (archdaily)

Key parties, disco, and Woodstock all epitomize the ‘70s, including a different sort of wood that filled the homes of burgeoning baby boomers across America. Along with a shag carpet and linoleum floor, wood paneling became a must-have decor for any hip tree hugger. They even went as far as to panel appliances from dishwashers to their cars. In the decade of disco, homeowners sought a cozy, sort of woodsy cabin feel. Naturally, what could give off more Paul Bunyan vibes than dark wooden walls, carpeting thicker than Bob Ross’ hair, and a faux stone fireplace from floor to ceiling. Obviously, marijuana takes the blame for many of these tacky decors but back in the day they just didn’t know any better.