Hollywood's Leading Men Who Defined The Art Of Cool


Lauren Hutton Cuddles Up to Robert Redford on his Yamaha

Hip, macho, athletic, outdoorsy, musical, and smooth…the men of the sixties were a lot of things, but above all, they were COOL. This collection of photographs will remind you just how amazing the gentlemen of the 1960s really were. From actors and musicians to athletes and celebrities, the dudes of the sixties really set the bar high for the rest of their gender. 

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This pic of Robert Redford and Lauren Hutton was taken during the filming of the 1970 movie, “Little Fauss and Big Halsy”, about two motorcycle racers. Redford, an older, womanizing, professional motorcycle, and an amateur racer, played by Michael J Pollard, form an unlikely friendship. Hutton’s role of Rita Nebraska was originally intended to go to Grace Slick. Although “Little Fauss and Big Halsy” was one of Redford lesser known films, his portrayal of the motorcycle racer cemented his cool dude persona.