Hippies vs Hipsters: Aren't They The Same Thing? 

By | March 27, 2017

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Hippies and Hipsters. These terms are used to describe a way of life of people; to label them. They sound similar and are somewhat related, so they are often used interchangeably. Hipster is a slang that was used in the 1940s, while the term hipster gained more popularity in the 1990s. There a lot more differences between the two terms and this is what we’re going to explore.

Who does the term Hippie refer to?

Hippie is a subculture that was originally a youth movement that rose in the United States (specifically the Haight-Ashbury district of San Francisco) during the Vietnam War and then spread to other countries. It is believed that the term ‘hippie’ stemmed from the word ‘hipster’, and it is assumed to be taken from African American culture which denotes, "awareness”.

Hippies created their own social group and used drugs such as marijuana and LSD, as a means to experience different states of consciousness. They listened to psychedelic, hallucinatory rock music. They aimed to free themselves from societal restrictions.

‘Hippies’ are recognized by the way they dress. They wear bright colors, bell- bottoms and other clothing items with peace signs (against the Vietnam War) printed on them. They always travel light. They never worry whether they carried cash. This might seem to others as being ill prepared or just plain crazy, but a hippie sees this as freedom of movement.

Who does the term Hipster refer to?

The term Hipster refers to young middle class adults whose interests are fashion and culture. This term was previously used to refer to beatniks that migrated into San Francisco's Haight-Ashbury district.

A hipster, according to the Oxford English dictionary, is ‘a person who follows the latest trends and fashions, especially those regarded as being outside the cultural mainstream.’ They enjoy listening to indie rock music and take delight in the reading of magazines such as Vice and Clash.

Hipsters avoid labels and being labeled. It is said that Hipsters conform in their non-conformity as they dress and act the same.

Similarities between hippies and hipsters:

★ The music they opt to listen to. It is usually what the mass does not like.

★ They aim to go against the norm. They are both counter-culture groups of people.

★ They wear pants that emphasize the genitals.

★ They believe that one should be vegetarians.

★ They dress to purposefully appear ‘ugly’.

★ The women use no make up and have poorly cut bangs.

★ They both hate carbon footprints. They use fuel efficient vehicles.

Differences between hippies and hipsters:

Hippies smoke weed. Hipsters are not known to smoke.

★ Hippies wear bell- bottoms whereas Hipsters wear skinny jeans.

★ Hippies are poor; live on little. Hipsters spend money to appear poor.

★ Hippies wear bright colors, tie dye, feathers and low v-neck shirts. Hipsters wear dull colors.

★ Hipsters have hairstyles that look like they have aspergers, but Hipsters fight against aspergers.

★ Hipsters are all about the gluten free diets, whilst Hippies are all about free love.

★ Hipsters are unconcerned with life whilst Hippies seek to find the meaning of it. 

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