Hidden Stories Unravel The Creepy Side Of The '60s & '70s

By Sarah Norman | August 9, 2023

Mackenzie Phillips Had A 10-Year Intimate Relationship With Her Dad

Warning, these photos will conjure chills and goosebumps from an intense feeling of nostalgia. 

Take a closer look, if you dare, because the stories behind these photographs will show a different side to the nostalgic past than you already know.

The too hot for TV photos that we've collected here each tell a story that will change the way you think about some of the biggest stars of the era. As you'll soon find out, more often the more wholesome someone's image was the darker their private life turned out to be.

The following stories and photos are for mature eyes only. They'll shock and titillate, and most of all they'll make you see the groovy era in a completely different light. Proceed with caution...

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Mackenzie Phillips may have starred in American Graffiti and One Day At A Time, but her personal life was far from perfect. For most of her young life, this gifted actress was dealing with dark secrets. Not only was she shooting cocaine on a regular basis, but she was hiding a romantic relationship that could have destroyed her career.

On the night before her wedding to Jeff Sessler, Phillips alleges that she and her father - John Phillips of the Mamas and the Papas - got so high that she blacked out. When she woke up the two were in the middle of drugged out intercourse. She says that neither of them spoke about the encounter for months. As mentally scarring as this moment was, Phillips says that the two carried on with their incestuous relationship while touring as the New Mamas and The Papas.

While speaking out the dark relationship with Larry King, Phillips said that her father didn't see a problem with their coupling because they were both adults. She explained:

My father lived in a world of his own creation, there’s a fine line between genius and insanity as we all know. He tried very hard to live a life of his choosing… I think that to him if sex happened between a father and a daughter and no one protested where’s the problem?

Phillips has never changed her story, but the rest of her family says that she's either misremembering the events or simply making them up, with half sister Bijou Phillips going so far as to say that Mackenzie ruined her relationship with their father through the allegations.

William Frawley, 'I Love Lucy's Fred Mertz - A Bit Of A Jerk

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Out of the four main characters on I Love Lucy, Fred Mertz was definitely the grouchiest. Played by William Frawley, the Ricardo's landlord was every bit the classic sitcom grump. He pushed the story forward with aplomb, and it seemed like someone was always getting the last laugh on him.

Even though he's extremely funny on the series, Frawley was a well known jerk. He was big drinker who, in spite of his acting prowess, could never make up for how unpleasant he was offstage. It's not just that he was a big drinker, Frawley brawled with Academy Award nominee Clifton Webb in 1928, and by 1951 he was such a notorious drinker and hot head that no one wanted to work with him.

So how did he get his career defining role on I Love Lucy? He essentially begged Lucy and Desi Arnaz for a job. The couple wanted to hire Gail Gordon but he was unavailable, and here was Frawley coming to them hat in hand. Lucy and Design agreed, but they said that if he misbehaved at all he'd be thrown off the show with no remorse. Frawley, ever the contrarian, agreed, but he had a clause written into his contract stating that if the New York Yankees (his home team) made it to the World Series he would receive time off to watch the games. The Yankees made it to the big show seven times while I Love Lucy was in production, and Frawley was given his time off.