Heartwarming Moments That Show Just How Beautiful The Past Really Was


A Pacific Southwest Airline flight attendant assisting a passenger in her standard uniform in 1973.

Much of history consists of conflict because unfortunately, there can be no change or real growth without it. But there is always room for compassion in there too, in fact, it's necessary. They are two sides of the same coin. Compassion, laughter, fond memories are extremely important in life, without compassion there is no incentive to grow in the first place–no inspiration. Compiled here are some of the more of the lighthearted moments in history. Iconic figures just starting out, happy children on the streets of Paris, and acts of transformation in Germany just after the Second World War. All these faces... inspiring. All these moments... heartwarming.

Source: Reddit

The hiring standards for stewardesses back in the 1970s was insane. These women were held to extremely high beauty standards even though looks have nothing to do with one's ability to hand out snacks and pillows.  She had to be slim, pretty, well groomed and as can be seen in this photograph, she also had to dress like a go-go dancer. This may not seem like a positive image but looking back at how things were, illuminate just how far we've come. Sure sexism still exists, but great strides have been made and continue to make sure this kind of blatant exploitation of women doesn't happen in your average workplace. You certainly won't see this kind of attire on a stewardess today.