Having A 'Ball' On The Lucy Show And Here's Lucy!


Two years after her divorce from Desi Arnaz, Lucille Ball returned to TV in 1962 with her own wacky sitcom, “The Lucy Show”. The series ran for six seasons and because of this Desilu Production, series like Star Trek and Mission: Impossible came to light. Desilu executive Ed Holly stated, 'I told Lucy, 'If we do these [Star Trek and Mission: Impossible] and are unfortunate enough to sell them as series, we're going to have to sell the company and go bankrupt.' Lucy understood that Star Trek, if it worked, could be big. There had never been anything like it on TV, and if it hit, it would bring in money from the merchandise and reruns. Although it was a gamble, she made the call. In November of 1964 production began on the first Star Trek pilot.