Bobby Sherman Was A Teen Idol Then. Now, He's A Life Saver

Bobby Sherman in 1971, and on the cover of 'Fave!' magazine in 1969. Source: ABC Photo Archives/ABC via Getty Images;

Way before there was a Justin Bieber or even a Justin Timberlake, there was a teen idol named Bobby Sherman. In the late '60s and early '70s, his posters were plastered on many a teenage girl's bedroom walls. Many a fan marched off to school toting a Bobby Sherman lunch box. Bobby Sherman had hit records ans a TV show called Here Come The Brides.

As with many teen idols, Sherman's career dropped off rather suddenly, and he ended up guesting on a wide variety of TV shows. But the story of "what happened to Bobby Sherman?" has another side to it: the teen star became interested in EMT work, and has worked with the Los Angeles Police Department teaching CPR and first aid for over 20 years.