Groovy Photos We Had No Idea Existed

By Sarah Norman | May 31, 2023

The eyes have it-Model-actress Andie MacDowell in 1984.

This collection of memories and behind the scene glimpses into Hollywood’s history have us completely smitten with the past. It feels like just yesterday when "Who's the Boss?" was still on the air and it’s so strange to think that groundbreaking musician David Bowie and mogul Hugh Hefner are no longer alive. Come daydream away with this batch of goodies from pop culture history.

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Rosalie Anderson "Andie" MacDowell made her film debut back in 1984 with Greystoke: The Legend of Tarzan, Lord of the Apes, then she went on to receive critical acclaim for her role in Sex, Lies, and Videotape in 1989. She modeled for Calvin Klein and has been a spokeswoman for L'Oréal since 1986.

Since her start in the 80’s, she’s gone on to appear in notable films including, Green Card (1990), Short Cuts (1993), Groundhog Day (1993), Four Weddings and a Funeral (1994), Michael (1996), and Multiplicity (1996). She spent 2013 to 2015, starring in the drama series Cedar Cove.

Fresh Prince of Bel Air cast members Will Smith, Karyn Parsons and Alfonso Ribeiro at a famous Mansion with Hugh Hefner in 1993.

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Source: Reddit

Here’s a good one! The cast of the Fresh Prince of Bel Air chillin' out maxin' relaxin' all cool at Hef's mansion back in the early 90’s. Here are Will Smith, Karyn Parsons and Alfonso Ribeiro posing with Hugh Hefner.

At this point in time, the Fresh Prince was in its prime. The show aired in 1990 and ran until 1996 so this was smack dab in the middle of its run.

The show stars Will Smith, who gets himself into trouble in his hometown of West Philadelphia and is sent to live with his wealthy aunt, uncle, and cousins in their Bel Air mansion. With their very conflicting lifestyles, shenanigans always ensued.