Groovy Photos That Reveal A Different Side To The '90s

Entertainment | May 2, 2020

18 year old Elon Musk with his roommate Navaid Farooq at Queen’s University in 1990

source: reddit

After immigrating to Canada from South Africa a teenage Elon Musk worked a series of odd jobs before starting college at Queen’s University. By his own admission he knew nothing of his surroundings yet he still managed to get paired up with Navaid Farooq, a Canadian who grew up in Geneva, as his advisor on all things Canadian.

In order to make extra money, Musk sold computer parts and helped fix the computers of his school mates, essentially going into business for himself when he was still a teenager. He explained:

I could build something to suit their needs like a tricked-out gaming machine or a simple word processor that cost less than what they could get in a store. Or if their computer didn't boot properly or had a virus, I'd fix it. I could pretty much solve any problem.

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