Groovy Photos That Reveal A Different Side To The '90s

Uncategorized | April 12, 2021

And just 5 years later...16 year old Meghan Markle at a Christmas dance in 1997. Did she have any idea that she would soon be crowned as a Princess?

source: Vicki Conrad

There’s no way that Markle had any idea she’d one day be sharing rarified air with the Queen of England, especially while attending a Christmas dance with her high school sweetheart, Luis Segura.

In the mid ‘90s Markle attended Immaculate Heart, an all girl’s catholic school in the Los Feliz neighborhood of Los Angeles while her high school beau went to all-boys St. Francis in La Cañada Flintridge. A source who knew the high school couple says that at the time the two were quite the item. The Daily Mail reports:

Luis and Meghan were very into each during their time as high school sweethearts. It's fair to say Luis was madly in love with her. And she was very sweet to him, fun to be around and loved his family too, so the memories are good.

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