Groovy Photos That Make It Hard To Look Away 


Cassandra Peterson AKA Elvira, Mistress of the Dark

In this exact moment in time, the world is blinded by fear, uncertainty, and loss. With an uncertain economy, fear of sickness and death looming, and worldwide restrictions, we are all faced with meeting our own personal challenges and fears. Bad things may be happening around us, so let's go to the past and to the happy times...let's relive some of those golden years and escape reality even if it's just for the length of this gallery.

We tend to look back on the past with rose tinted glasses. The reason the future and the present moment can feel uncomfortable at times like these is due to uncertainty...we just don't know if that outcome is going to provide us what we need to feel safe, secure, and happy.

The beautiful thing about revisiting history is it gives us the power of hindsight...we know what happens then, so it's safe and comfortable. And the memories that those moments in history provide us actually can help us shift how we feel in the present moment, which is the only thing that can shift how our future unfolds. So let's take a look back on the groovy past, forget the uncertainty of today, and find serenity in the fact that no matter what has happened in the past, that we have always survived, grown stronger, and wiser because of it.

source: pinterest

Elvira, Mistress of the Dark, took over Los Angeles in the early ‘80s and the rest of the world quickly followed. The woman behind the makeup is Cassandra Peterson, a red head with a lifetime in the entertainment industry.

Before she was Elvira, Peterson was working as a part of The Groundlings in Los Angeles with Phil Hartman and Peewee Herman and she was trying to be a comedy actress. When she was approached about playing the character of Elvira she was a little unsure but she rolled with it and it worked out for her. She told the Huffington Post:

[The director of the show] came and saw me at The Groundlings, where I was doing a Valley girl character… The director wanted me to do that character when I came to the audition and I said, ‘OK? I mean, it’s not very spooky, but it’s up to you.’ So I did that character and everybody there loved it and they hired me. They said, ‘Come up with a spooky costume,’ and I said “Wait. I’m going to do that character but with a spooky costume? Uhh...” It didn’t make any sense to me, but they were going to pay me $350 bucks a week so I was pretty damn happy. That was my whole rent for the month at the time!