Groovy Photos So Beautiful We Can't Look Away

By Sarah Norman | August 15, 2023

The glamorous Elizabeth Taylor, 1956

Photos from the past have the power to inspire and intrigue, but this collection of beautiful shots have something more going on just beneath the surface. Each of these rare historical photos tells a story about a person, sure, but they can also transport us to a time and a place.

Featuring icons from the past that we all dream about, these photos are sure to induce a haze of nostalgia over everyone who sees them. They'll take you back to the most magical decades, when anything was possible and life was less chaotic.

Make sure to take a closer look at each of these photos, and spend plenty of time enjoying these rarely seen nostalgic moments in history.

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We don't often think of Elizabeth Taylor as a "method" performer. Sure, we know about her marriages and her work as Cleopatra, but it's hard to think of her digging deep into a character. However, that's exactly what she did on some of her biggest films, although it wasn't always easy to get out of the role.

She notes that while filming Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf with her then-husband Richard Burton the couple had to work out a system of getting out of character so they could make sure they had a pleasant evening at home rather than continuing to tear each other's heads off:

We’d get it all out on the set and when we got home it was like taking off an overcoat and leaving it at the studio. We’d learn our lines in the car on the way home. Fortunately, we were both very quick studies. Then when we got home we had shed George and Martha and we had the kids. We had dinner with the kids every night and we played games with them, word games that we invented, and we’d become totally involved in the family. We became Richard and Elizabeth and it worked. We became a united family and forgot all about the two [characters] who wanted to kill each other. And we survived.

A brunette version of Brigitte Bardot from the 1960s

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Fans of Brigitte Bardot know that it's rare to see her as a brunette. Even though she was born with brown hair, in 1956 she bleached it for an Italian film and never went back. She may sounds like a fashion plate, but in actuality she never set out to change the fashion industry.

Bardot often wore her own clothing in movies, and she didn't know much about makeup, but her naturally good looks and charisma won over audiences and created trends regardless of how little work she actually put into looking good. According to Bardot there's one secret to her style:

The Bardot style is simply my own style; in other words, it’s not a style at all. I dressed in the same way as I did my hair: depending on what took my fancy, and what I felt like at that moment.I wore elegant gowns designed by the top couturiers as well as gorgeous gypsy outfits that were unconventional, things I came across by accident and then became fashionable!It makes me laugh! In any case, it was prettier and sexier than what we see these days.I’m proud I created a style that doesn’t go out of fashion—because I was never fashionable!