Groovy Photos So Beautiful We Can't Look Away

By Sarah Norman | June 20, 2023

One night in 1989 -- What's the scoop? Christina Applegate and Brad Pitt at the MTV Movie Awards

Photos from the past have the power to inspire and intrigue, but this collection of beautiful shots have something more going on just beneath the surface. Each of these rare historical photos tells a story about a person, sure, but they can also transport us to a time and a place.

Featuring icons from the past that we all dream about, these photos are sure to induce a haze of nostalgia over everyone who sees them. They'll take you back to most magical decades, when anything was possible and life was less chaotic.

Make sure to take a closer look at each of these photos, and spend plenty of time enjoying these rarely seen nostalgic moments in history.

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Was anyone ever as young as Christina Applegate and Brad Pitt at the 1989 VMAs? As cute as this couple is they were apparently not so hot for each other. While Pitt is super duper hot, Applegate ditched him during the festivities for another guy, leaving Pitt to go stag for the rest of the show.

Applegate has admitted that she ditched Pitt in the middle of their date, but she's never said who she left him for, preferring to stay tight lipped about what had to be a pretty embarrassing moment for young actor. However, Sebastian Bach of Skid Row claims that he's the guy Applegate hooked up with at the VMAs. He alleges:

She was interviewed recently on, like, Entertainment Tonight, or something, and they said, 'What was the dumbest thing you ever did?' And she goes, 'One night I ditched Brad Pitt for this other dude.' And that dude would be me. So there was a time on this earth when Sebastian Bach was, like, a hotter lay than Brad Pitt.

No need for a haircut when you're Joey Ramone, but check out the cheap prices back in the 70's

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Amidst the fervor of the 70s, no soul could match Joey Ramone's mastery of the moppet of hair that cascaded in wild abandon from his head. While many fellas strove to keep pace with the latest trends and dutifully submitted to a monthly shearing of their locks, Joey strode forth with his tresses in full glory, imbued with a vitality and verve that seemed to animate of its own accord. His iconic coiffure elevated him to the pantheon of punk rock's greatest legends, for he refused to acquiesce to society's arbitrary standards. Nay, he reveled in his singularity, and in so doing, he earned the boundless admiration of those who embrace the virtues of nonconformity.