Groovy Photos: Heartwarming Moments In History


On your mark, get set, go spray and tease that hair!! Sporting beehive hair do's (or don'ts) back in 1964 while running a race.

Much of history consists of conflict because unfortunately, there can be no change or real growth without it. But there is always room for compassion in there too, in fact, it's necessary. They are two sides of the same coin. Compassion, laughter, fond memories are extremely important in life, without compassion there is no incentive to grow in the first place–no inspiration. Compiled here are some of the more of the lighthearted moments in history. Iconic figures just starting out, happy children on the streets of Paris, and acts of transformation in Germany just after the Second World War. All these faces... inspiring. All these moments... heartwarming.
Source: Reddit

It was during the spring of 1964, that Sports Illustrated decided to mix things up a bit on their covers. On April 20th, they went from the same old to these lovely beauties with their big hair blown out, in full faces of makeup, crouched in sprint positions and ready to rock. Janis Rinehart (foreground), Paula Walter (middle), and Jeanne Ellison were the very first female track athletes in the U.S. to land the cover– and their look was not just for the lens.

These women were part of the Texas Track Club, a small group of young female sprinters who used style as a way to get others excited about the sport. Of course, their opponents always mocked and underestimated them, but they were no joke.

They were pioneers in women's track, they helped make it popular. After landing that cover, their number of male spectators (with binoculars) reached new heights. They were good, their flash brought people in, but their abilities and sportsmanship kept them coming.