Doug Henning Was The Magic Rainbow Unicorn Of Magic

Can we just point out that Doug Henning is wearing studded overalls with a rainbow-maned unicorn on them? Strong magic indeed. Source: Pinterest

In the 1970s, the world of magic was dominated by two people, the dashing and debonair David Copperfield, and the groovy hippie Doug Henning. Magic is show business, and magicians are showmen who claim abilities mere mortals do not possess -- so in effect, they're also salesmen. And while Copperfield might promise you the classiest magic, the rich Corinthian leather of magic, Doug Henning's magic was bound to be more fun. Just look at the guy: shaggy hair, '70s 'stache, shiny spandex, goofy smile.

What did Doug Henning do for magic? Although Copperfield would pull off some of the largest magic tricks ever attempted, it was Henning who paved the way for other magicians and illusionists, like Criss Angel, by showing that successful magicians don’t have to be confined to tuxedos.