Groovy Game Shows – Some of America’s Favorites!

By | November 27, 2018

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A Contestant Coaxing -The Big Wheel Round Bob Barker, and a contestant named James look on as the Big Wheel spins around on the game show 'The Price Is Right', February 1978. (Photo by CBS Photo Archive/Getty Images)

Watching game shows has proven to be one of the many American pastimes. Game shows don’t compare to professional sporting events or even a favorite classic movie but they rank right up there on the list of favorites. For some reason, there is something so satisfying about watching strangers win expensive prizes and cash. Aside from an occasional comment or two people don’t mind watching others win BIG even if they can’t pay their own bills.

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Bob Barker with his “beauties” on The Price Is Right. This show was a spin-off of another popular game show called Match Game. The Price Is Right is still airing today with Drew Carey as the host.

Bob Barker was an iconic game show host. He was known for supporting animal spaying/neutering on the show and even more so for his “Barker’s Beauties.” Barker was still enjoying the ladies as he turned 90 years old. Unfortunately, stories surfaced that he wasn’t always the gentleman he portrayed on TV.